Wondering how I became your “inside woman”?

Several years ago, I was sitting in the park with a male friend who was super frustrated with his dating life…or lack thereof. The poor guy hadn’t had a date in almost 4 years.

Worse, he had become everyone’s “project.” Everyone we knew had some kind of advice for him, whether it was to dress differently, approach more women, get a haircut, go out to different kinds of places, or my personal favorite…

“Just be yourself.”

Sound familiar?

Anyway, as I sat and listened to him talk about how lonely, insecure, and frustrated he felt, I sighed and said,

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel that way too.”

He looked at me like I had just sprouted tentacles. “What?!”

“I’m agreeing with you…dating can be really difficult.” He continued to stare at me, puzzled, and then finally responded with,

“Wow, I guess I never realized that beautiful women also struggle with this dating stuff.”

That was when I realized just how much men don’t understand about women.

When my friend and mentor, Sean Stephenson, started his company Inner Game Magazine, he said the same thing. “Liz, these guys never really get to hear from women.” In addition to being the Editor of IGM, I began writing the monthly column “Getting Inside a Woman.” For a year, I was Inner Game’s “Inside Woman,” writing and coaching men on how to get inside a woman’s mind and heart (as well as her… 😉 ).

By the way, if you don’t know who Sean Stephenson is, he is a motivational speaker who travels the world, a best-selling author, and an amazing therapist and coach. He is also 3-ft tall and bound to a wheel chair due to a rare bone disorder. Despite those challenges, he has created success in all areas of his life. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with him, and I was sad to see him close up Inner Game Magazine.

After working with Sean, I became clear that it’s my passion to teach men what’s really going on in the hearts and minds of women, so I created Getting Inside a Woman. I’m certified as a master practitioner of hypnotherapy and a trainer of NLP and Time Empowerment Techniques, and I’ve coached men across the globe on increasing their confidence, masculine power, and ability to attract women.

I’ve spent years studying dating advice–including most of the pick up advice out there–and while many men who teach this material do hit the target, they don’t usually hit the bullseye. I’ve dedicated myself to creating products and services that help you truly become the kind of man that naturally attracts women–no gimmicks, no “tactics,” just a deep understanding of what women really want.

And, I promise, we women aren’t as crazy or as complicated as we appear to be.  🙂