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Featured on FOX, NBC, the New York Post and Cosmopolitan magazine, Amanda Lyons is known worldwide as one of the only female trainers in the art of seduction.  She travels around the globe each week training men and women and ensuring they end up with the kind of people they want to be dating.  Amanda has trained thousands of students, although perhaps she is most notable for her experience in training other seduction experts who often turn to Amanda for her keen female eye and knowledgeable insight into their own dating problems.  She is happily married to Adam Lyons, who is voted the #1 Pick-Up Artist in the World, and together ensure that others too find their perfect match.

You can check out their material here: and for more information on how to meet Amanda or sign up for a course, check out

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Your Inside Woman,


  1. Ronny YIM says:

    Hey Liz,

    Like I said in an earlier Comment, you should meet/interview Kezia too, go out, be best friends, etc.

    1.) After listening to you two talk a bit about how its sometimes the girl's fault and that you should consider moving on, getting away from this girl, etc. This I know is refreshing for a lot of guys to hear…cuz we live in a society that has, for decades, put the frickin [deceptive] pressure on the GUY to teh point where most guys think THEY did something wrong, rather than the girl doing something wrong….or men might also tend to believe that they just don't understand the girl, that there's something he's missing, when in fact its just a case of it being HER own friggin issue.

    So from that, I can say that one of the major thing any female guru can do a great service to guys is to provide guys knowledge of HOW to identify when its a “girl thing” and when its just a case where the guy can use his own common sense…how to identify if a woman is a trouble girl to get away from, and if its something that can be fixed with some game/skills.

    I myself have (throughout the year since discovering the Community) suffered a bit of mental turmoil from some negative reactions & opinions of women whom, at the time, I didn't realize were just fking DERANGED! It was becuz I was stuck day in, day out with JUST these chicks, therefore I thought their behavior was the norm. Only after I left that environment, did I look back and realize that it was just THEM…that THAT was not an education in dating psychology…it was chaos!

    2.) Regarding chicks who opt for “badboys” over nice guys or level guys or normal NON-bad guys (like me)……I know its the excitment these girls want, and how the badboy treats them like something special….but how would most women feel about an alternative that, I feel, is just as exciting but not evil == the HERO! The guy who actually FIGHTS for truth & justice? The modern day Zorro? Don't you chicks feel attracted to THAT?

    Anyway, nice interview.

    P.S. But hey!, I thought you didn't mix with “that community”? I always thought you to be independent from any ties with gurus PUA-related (aside from Deangelo & Sean Stephenson).

  2. LizLeia says:

    Hey Ronny,

    Thanks for the thoughtful response!

    Well, the ways to pick out the quality women from the girls with issues are
    many, which is why I've been interviewing women. Would love to interview
    Kezia at some point.

    Here's a quick way to tell if a girl's got issues though: if she's falling
    for BS pickup routines and dissing you for being an authentically nice
    (though also masculine!) man, then it's not you, it's her.

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