Animal Desire (a.k.a. Why Women Love Edward from Twilight)

If you find yourself consistently in the friend zone, chances are you are not expressing that deep, animal attraction for the women you desire. Men who come across as jerks often attract women because they are not self-conscious about their sexual desire for women. Women sense this and they respond by recognizing (whether or not they return the favor of attraction) that this guy is no “friend.”

However, most guys shy away from their animal passion and attraction towards women because they are afraid that it will make them look rude, creepy, or that the woman will feel disrespected and sexually pressured. Instead, guys often err on the side of caution, repressing their natural masculine instincts and ending up in the Friend Zone in the process.

Your base, sexual desire for a woman is one of your greatest assets in attracting her. While women do factor in aspects about a man (such as looks, personality traits, potential) in who they find attractive, one of the biggest turn-ons for a woman is when a man finds HER sexually attractive. On the flip side, even if you are genetically blessed and full of charm, if you are lacking the ability to feel and express uninhibited sexual desire for her, you will likely find yourself in the Friend Zone, as she is thinking, he’s good looking and a great guy, but I just don’t feel it…

So, this is where I get a little edgy: the extreme form of this level of uninhibited desire is rape. Let me be clear—and this should be a no-brainer; obviously it’s never, ever ok to rape a woman.

Now, the bad boys of the world—the “jerks”—know how to ride the bleeding edge of sexual desire in a way that is exciting without becoming dangerous, and if you want to unlock a woman’s deepest sexual desire for you, you will need to learn to ride that edge, too.

I once heard a story about a man who got arrested for stealing a TV—because he stole the TV while the owner was at home, watching it. It was a hot summer day and the door to their house was open. This man was walking down the street, saw the TV, walked into the house, picked up the TV, and walked out. The police caught him walking down the street with the TV. When they asked him why he took the TV, he said, “Because I wanted it.” Crimes of the stupid aside, this is the kind of pure, unabashed desire that a woman wants to feel from you. She wants to be that TV that you would pick up and carry home, consequences be damned.

BUT, she doesn’t want you to actually do that. She just wants you to WANT to do that.

Think of it like this: if you walked by a store window and saw, oh, let’s say an awesome TV. You want that TV, but you aren’t going to break the store window and take it, because it doesn’t belong to you.

However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to just walk away, hanging your head, and say, “Oh, I could never get a TV like that.” Or “Oh, I shouldn’t be so superficial, lusting after something like that.” The guys who do this end up in the Friend Zone (and don’t get any cool TVs either).

The point is, if you can be comfortable with your animal attraction and desire for women, then women will sense that and be much more likely to be attracted to you, too. You aren’t overstepping any boundaries by wanting to have sex with a woman, just like you aren’t overstepping any boundaries by wanting a TV you see in a store window, so long as you don’t actually take it without permission.

Think about the vampire character Edward from the Twilight series. What makes so many tweens and adult women alike go gaga for him is that his overwhelming desire for Bella (Kristen Stewart’s character) pushes him to almost drain all of her blood. Almost. But the fact that he doesn’t—that he can have that much desire and yet restrain himself from harming her—that’s what makes him so hot (even though he’s more scrawny than brawny).

The problem is that most men think that it’s the desire itself that is “bad” or “wrong.” The desire is what makes you get in touch with your deepest masculine roots—own it! A woman wants to feel how much you want her; this will open her up to the possibility of her wanting you, too.

If you have grown up thinking that your desire is shameful or wrong, then let that go. Your desire is yours and if it was bad or “wrong” you wouldn’t have it. By getting in touch with your deepest sexual desires, animal instincts, and masculine drives, you will become naturally more attractive and powerful as a man, even if you don’t “act” on any of those desires.

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