Liz talks with Allana Pratt, creator of “Get Her To Say Yes”

Allana Pratt is the author of several books for women and Get Her To Say Yes for men.  She is a a columnist for eHarmony and is a Relationship Expert on CBS, TLC & FOX.  Allana Pratt is curing ‘Nice Guy’ syndrome. She’s a #1 rated radio host and began her journey as the Sexy […]

‘I Want a Nice Guy’ (and Other Lies Women Tell)

Check out the recording from my teleseminar: ‘I Want a Nice Guy’ (and Other Lies Women Tell). In this audio, I’ll cover why women say they want nice guys but then date jerks, how to deal with and avoid drama, what to do when you’re in the friend zone, and a lot more! Check it […]

Emily Poulin Interview

Emily Poulin comes from the beautiful state of Maine and brings to the Treasure Coast of Florida her powerful gift of integrating holistic massage, energetic intuitive healing, and spiritual coaching to create wellness into a single practice. Her passion is helping people heal so that they can live life to the fullest and richest extent […]

Liz talks with Marni creator of The Wing Girl Method

For the past six years Marni has worked side-by-side with top male attraction and relationship experts, and is the lead female voice in the Pick Up Artist and Seduction Communities, which advise over 30 million men worldwide. Men such as Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo, Adam Gilad, Carlos Xuma, Adam Lyons, and Vin DiCarlo all turn […]

Amanda Lyons Interview

Featured on FOX, NBC, the New York Post and Cosmopolitan magazine, Amanda Lyons is known worldwide as one of the only female trainers in the art of seduction.  She travels around the globe each week training men and women and ensuring they end up with the kind of people they want to be dating.  Amanda […]

Sean Stephenson Interview

Sean Stephenson is a speaker, author, and therapist who was born with a rare condition that has left him 3-ft-tall and in a wheelchar for life, but he’s created an amazing life for himself despite that “set back.” Check out more about Sean here: In this interview, Sean and I share some of our personal stories about dating and […]