‘I Just Don’t Think of You That Way’

Has a woman ever said this to you? This or similar phrases are the precursor to the dreaded Friend Zone, where you want her…and she wants to be just friends. There’s a difference between being friends with a woman and being in the Friend Zone. Most men who are naturals at dating and attraction have […]

Are You Immune to Emotions?

There seems to be an epidemic going around among the men who have studied dating, attraction, seduction and/or social dynamics: they are “immune” to emotions. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard a guy say he didn’t *need* a woman’s affection, approval, or acceptance to feel good about himself. It’s time […]

Animal Desire (a.k.a. Why Women Love Edward from Twilight)

If you find yourself consistently in the friend zone, chances are you are not expressing that deep, animal attraction for the women you desire. Men who come across as jerks often attract women because they are not self-conscious about their sexual desire for women. Women sense this and they respond by recognizing (whether or not […]

Dealing with Approach Anxiety

Let me ask you something: do you feel anxious or nervous about approaching women? When you approach a woman, do you get the sinking feeling that she would rather be doing anything else than talk to you? Well, I wish I could tell you that it was all in your head, but chances are, you’ve […]

Why You’re in the Friend Zone

First, let’s distinguish the difference between friendship and the friend zone. Friendship is when both the man and the woman feel platonic affection but not sexual attraction for each other. Yeah, I know; if you both got drunk enough, one thing could lead to another…but in general, she’s more like a sister to you. True […]

The Thug vs. the Computer Geek

I’ve been hearing so much about how women pass up the good guys for thugs. Why isthat??? Actually, I was wondering that myself, because I’ve never been into thugs…until last weekend. I had stopped by a hotel bar to grab a drink before dinner. In hotel bars you meet some interesting people, and sure enough, […]