Is Liz Rave a ‘Female Chauvinist’? (A Manifesto of Sorts)

Recently a woman sent me the following comment in response to my Getting Inside a Woman blog: “I am a woman and personally…reading posts by a woman advising guys how to “get” women is creepy in itself!!!   Liz, are you a female chauvinist?  Your fantasies are probably about men in movies raping the ‘glam gal’….” […]

It’s the F*cking Holidays!

As the holiday season rolls around and 2011 is coming to close, I’d like to thank you, my readers, for a great year! I appreciate ALL of your comments, questions, emails, and support. I wish you happy holidays and a merry new year! To close out the 2011 Getting Inside a Woman season, here’s a […]

Getting a Woman to Respect You: Transforming Brats into Sexy, Quality Women

One of the most common questions I get from men during dating coaching is “How do I get a woman to respect me?” (aka “How do I get her to stop being such a crazy bitch?”) 😉 Different forms of disrespect include: Demanding that you buy the drinks Cheating or infidelity Verbally abusing you when […]

Why Do Women Like Jerks?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get from men: why do women like jerks? The saying goes that nice guys finish last, but is that true? Many women will tell you that they don’t like jerks. Some women don’t like jerks. Most of them do. However, you DO NOT need to […]

Approach is As Easy As…

Many men study strategies and tactics to approaching women that would make hostage negotiators jealous. These men (usually pick-up artists) often talk about women as highly emotional, fickle, ADD creatures who, without the proper finesse, are easily spooked into the arms of a smoother, suaver man. As a result, there are entire books, websites, forums, […]

Getting Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight

Quit rubbing your eyes; you read that title correctly. 🙂 I recently received a question about this from a reader, and I decided to re-post his question and my response on the blog. Before we get to that, a few words of caution…this is an incredibly sensitive, yet important topic. Sensitive because most women, whether […]

How to Get Your (Much-Needed) Space

One of the biggest “battles of the sexes” is a man’s fight for his space–his time for himself. Why does this happen? Why does it seem like most women won’t give you space, or at least will be upset when you do get it? This is one of the biggest struggles I’ve had in my […]

It’s Your Turn to Teach the Women About Men!

Hello, With every new Getting Inside a Woman article, it seemed I would get at least one comment or email from one of you asking, “What about the women? Don’t they need to work on themselves just as much as we do?” Well, YES!  So, introducing my new blog for women: Inspire His Desire! (check […]

Creating Instant Connections

Have you ever known someone for about 5 minutes, and already felt like you knew her (or him) really well? Chances are, you two were in rapport with each other. Have you ever known one of those guys who, no matter where he goes, he seems to be able to make friends with everyone and […]

The Power of the Pussy

It’s funny, of all of the things I’ve shared with you over the last several years, there is one story I haven’t told yet: the story of how I got all the Skittles. I’ve had several clients express frustration that “women can get whatever they want just because they have a vagina.” This story addresses […]