Getting a Woman to Respect You: Transforming Brats into Sexy, Quality Women

One of the most common questions I get from men during dating coaching is “How do I get a woman to respect me?” (aka “How do I get her to stop being such a crazy bitch?”) 😉 Different forms of disrespect include: Demanding that you buy the drinks Cheating or infidelity Verbally abusing you when […]

Creating Instant Connections

Have you ever known someone for about 5 minutes, and already felt like you knew her (or him) really well? Chances are, you two were in rapport with each other. Have you ever known one of those guys who, no matter where he goes, he seems to be able to make friends with everyone and […]

Are You Getting Results?

Today is one of my “life philosophy” rants–because if there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it’s when I see people follow certain methods or techniques or teachings even though they are NOT getting the results that they want from doing so. I knew a man several years ago who is the poster child for […]

Maybe More ‘Spark’ is the Last Thing You Need

There’s a misconception out there that if you aren’t attracting the women you want, or if your relationship is on the rocks, then what you need is to rekindle “the spark.” Well, that’s sometimes true, and not always. Sometimes creating or amplifying the spark will actually make things worse, especially if you’re already in a […]

What the &*$% is a ‘Limiting Belief’?

Have you ever had anyone tell you that the reason you don’t have what you want in your life (women, money, perfect health…you name it) is because you have “limiting beliefs”? Maybe even yours truly has said this at some point?  😎 It’s true that limiting beliefs are one of the main reasons why people […]

How to Give Great Sex Vibes

Hey there, It’s Liz Leia, your inside woman, and I want to introduce you to my friend Chelsea. Chelsea is a talented writer, NLP trainer, and all around quality woman. Like me, she’s here to give you an “inside” guide to what women think, feel, and experience in dating and relationships. So, without further ado, […]

The Myth of NLP

Like most “alternative” practices, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) often gets a bad rep, especially in the pick-up world where it’s been peddled primarily as a way to mind-control women into the bedroom. There are many pick-up artists and dating coaches who have completely bastardized NLP as a sleazy, underhanded tool of manipulating people against their will […]