It’s the F*cking Holidays!

As the holiday season rolls around and 2011 is coming to close, I’d like to thank you, my readers, for a great year! I appreciate ALL of your comments, questions, emails, and support. I wish you happy holidays and a merry new year! To close out the 2011 Getting Inside a Woman season, here’s a holiday message from my blog editor and “recurring guest star,” Chelsea Powers:

The holidays can really bring out the best in people. It can also bring out the not-so-best (ex: “Eat my pepper spray, that Xbox is mine!”).

If the purpose of the holidays is to love, give and be merry, it’s a bummer how getting time off can sometimes feel like more work than holiday cheer. How can you feel cheerful – or even sane – in a scenario like the mall where shoppers are rushing around you like hungry zombies? How do you not let the stress of shopping, traveling and adjusting finances get the better of you?

You can get into the spirit of the holidays and life itself by giving the world the best gift of all. The best gift you can give and receive is to live your purpose. When you live your purpose, you’ll grow into a happier person. Plus, being happy helps you stay in touch with what you’re life’s purpose is because you aren’t feeling distracted by emotional baggage. This information will help level out the stress of the holidays, offer insight into what to give the world (assuming you aren’t Santa) and may possibly even give you ideas for a New Year’s Resolution!

Sometimes when I talk about purpose I get sass from clients, drunk but well-intentioned friends, and myself when I’m bummed out. For simplicity, common questions/sarcastic comments are tabbed out in italics.

Like this. W00t.

Your life’s purpose is whatever it is you were born to give. In Way of the Superior Man, Deida says (this is paraphrasing,) “Fuck the world like you’re fucking your woman.” This means to do what you want. Not as in, “Fuck the Man, anarchy rules!” But as in asking yourself, “What do what you really want out of your life?” Figure that out and go make it happen. Do your purpose and enjoy it with the same passion as making love to your woman. When the world feels given to, it will return the favor.

 “Quit with the woo-woo-hippy-fairy-holding-hands-under-a-freaking-rainbow-BS.”

When you give your gift, everybody feels it on an energetic level. Think of someone you know who really lives their purpose. Doesn’t that person seem more alive than the people around him or her? Doing what you’re meant to do gives you ample reason to live and feel merry.

 “Oh yes, if you ignore facts and make up beliefs you’ll be happy. The world really needs more people living blissful, ignorant lives. Great. Why am I doing this?”

Do it for yourself. Living your passion skyrockets the quality of life. Granted, this takes conscious effort sometimes. Learning to enjoy the journey while doing your purpose is what will create more happy “Yay for life!” feelings.

                “Well, if it’s all about ‘feeling good’ why don’t I go masturbate?”

Ideally, the actions you’re taking will correlate with your life’s deepest purpose. If you’re truly giving to the world, you’re not masturbating yourself. You’re fucking the world. You’re making the world a better place.

The best contribution you can give to yourself, womankind and the world this holiday season is your happiness and your purpose. If you’re alive that means there’s a reason for it. And that is reason enough to feel happy while people are shoving the season’s greetings down your throat.

Happy holidays and make the fucking best of it.

Cheers to you and your life,




  1. Amen to this Chelsea! Preach on and testify. 🙂

    Encouraging guys to live their purpose? Brilliant.
    Encouraging feeling good? Love it.
    Encouraging appreciation of the journey? Powerful.

    And referencing Deida and ‘fucking the world’? Icing on the cake, a great Christmas present.

    Let’s see everybody ryze up!

  2. Blist14ant says:

    talk about how to compliment women

  3. Also, it’s just not practical for some people to really “live out their purpose” otherwise you wouldn’t have fruit pickers, gravediggers, toilet bowl cleaners, hospital orderlies, investment bankers (most I’ve met are horribly unhappy people but the cushion of their 100K bonuses breaks their nightly fall), etc…

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