It’s Your Turn to Teach the Women About Men!

With every new Getting Inside a Woman article, it seemed I would get at least one comment or email from one of you asking,
“What about the women? Don’t they need to work on themselves just as much as we do?”

Well, YES! 

So, introducing my new blog for women: Inspire His Desire! (check it out here if you’re curious:
I consider myself lucky because I’ve gotten to hear from so many men about what you guys struggle with when it comes to dealing with us women…
Because of this, I’ve also become aware that most women are clueless! Most women I meet at parties, when they find out I teach men, would say one of two things:
1. “Oh, good, because the men really need a lot of help!”
2. “Really? Men actually take the time to learn that stuff? I didn’t think any men actually cared.”
What the #$%^&*?!?!
So as you can see, us women need to get better at understanding men just as much as men need to get better at understanding women. It’s a two way street, and therefore I can no longer be “one-sided” in my business and in my practice.
On that note, would you do me a favor? I put together a quick survey (it will take 5-10 minutes) on what women need to learn about men:
Please take the time to fill this out–this is YOUR chance to teach the women of the world!!!
Your Inside Woman,
Liz Leia

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