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  1. Levente says:

    There is a missing scene. When the poor loser that is crying in the cold night while very sad music is played. Suddenly, his love appears with her new man who is, yes, definitely rich, handsome, muscular and so, but somehow the girl feels attracted to the “tears in the eyes, sad, not funny, not rich, not popular loser. And guess what is the end of the movie… 🙂


  2. Ronny YIM says:

    Oh you girls, you girls! What are we gonna do about you!?

    Well for all you women reading this website (including Liz herself), I have a tip-off for you all that you might wanna check out, if for nothing else than academic interest…..

    With all this trend towards helping men get women, there actually is a old source to help women get men. “Ars Amatoria” (Art of Love) by Ovid. Written back in 1 B.C., years after Sun Tzu wrote “Art of War”.

    Liz, remember what I told you about Love & War? In this world, if there's an ancient book written on war, then there'd be one written on love. And there is. I know, its ancient, but its words are timeless and could still serve people today in some way…just as Art Of War is still used to educate new warrior recruits in military academies across the world.
    And for women, you'd wanna read the THIRD volume of Ars Amatoria, becuz the first 2 volumes are geared toward men.

    Love & War…But its the WISDOM that will help you strike a balance between the two, as well as help one UTILIZE the stuff taught in each polar opposite disciplines themselves.

    Now, is there a book on the art of Wisdom? I haven't found one definitive ONE yet. I guess you'd have to go all over to seek Wisdom.

  3. LizLeia says:


    I'm looking into the writings of Sun Tzu now, actually, and some of what he
    says relates to the study of pick-up in a really cool, interesting way. I'll
    keep you posted…

  4. Ronny YIM says:

    oh sure, that's just your veiled attempt to say “Love is a battle field”.
    Your carbon dating yourself, Liz! LOLOLOL

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