Learn how to easily approach, flirt, converse, attract, and connect with a woman–using your own natural personality without any lines or gimmicks.

Have you ever noticed how so many pick-up guides focus on how to approach? That’s great…but then once you’re talking to a woman, w hat do you talk about?

There are a lot of routines out there to open a “set” and there are lots of techniques out there that supposedly trick a woman into giving you her phone number…

Recently, I’ve been hearing this one a lot: “Do you have a phone?”

Now, how does this actually work? I guess it’s supposed to go like this…

“Do you have a phone?”


“Can I have your phone number?”

“Oh my Gosh, I’m compelled to say yes and eventually have sex with you because I admitted to you that I own a phone!”

Yeah, right.

You already know that these kinds of routines only work sometimes…because pick up is a numbers game, right? Personally, I think if you are going to leave it up to chance like that, then you might as well not bother learning anything.

(Actually, it’s not totally up to chance. Using these canned lines will attract high-drama hotties and drive away beautiful, quality girlfriend-material…and I actually go into exactly why that is).

Besides, you don’t want to become a “PUA clone” running around night clubs in feather boas. You really just want to find a way to easily and naturally talk to women in a way that attracts them…to YOUR personality.

I know it sounds crazy, but an (average looking) guy who works a desk job and spends his weekends browsing the bookstore can attract a beautiful, quality woman…simply by telling her about it! Seriously, you don’t need lines, gimmicks, magic tricks, comedy routines, openers, yes-ladders, chutes, chains, c old-reading, or hypnotic suggestions to get a girl to like you.

You really can attract a woman by “just being yourself.” Here’s the secret…

WHAT you say to a woman is practically irrelevant. Words are only 7% of communication. The rest is body language and tone of voice. So it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you say it…

And I’m not just talking about speaking with confidence. There are specific ways in which attractive, dynamic, and interesting people talk about…well, whatever they talk about.

Actually, one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met talked almost the entire time about his job as city planner…in charge of parking meter placement (I tell the full story in the PDF and Audio guide). There wasn’t anything special about this guy. He wasn’t super good looking or super rich. He just knew how to speak in a way that was engaging.


In Conversatio n & Connection Skills, you’ll learn exactly how to attract and engage women in conversation with YOUR OWN PERSONALITY.

I’ve pooled my NLP training, personal dating experiences, and observations of other women to put together a comprehensive guide to conversing with a woman in a way that will leave her feeling attracted and connected to you.

You don’t need to be a comedian or do magic tricks to have a woman find you interesting–with these conversation skills, you can captivate a woman’s attention even if you are telling her about your last trip to the dentist.

This guide focuses on developing specific skills–for every concept, I’ve included a practical how-to so you can actually use this information when you are out meeting women.


Conversation & Connection Skills Includes: 

  • A Video on Female Body Language
  • PDF and Audio Guide to Conversation and Connection Skills
  • Bonus Inner Game Movie List.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“I met a girl I have not seen for a while at a party. I boldly approached with direct opener was surprised it worked so well saying “hello.” I spent most of the time with the girl and was teasing and being playful which the girl was finding irresistible and gave me a long hug before I went to get some drinks. I bumped into her again later on and we were sitting together and she was leaning in and touching my jewelery and I was matching her body language, which gave us a good connection. I knew she wanted to be kissed.” –T. B., UK

“Met up with an old female friend whom I enjoyed being around. My conversational skills have gotten much better since I last saw her. It was a great feeling being able to hold my own in conversation.”–J. M.

“I’m currently in touch with about 8 women(combination of phone, on line, and dating). I’m more comfortable with who I am and it’s unmistakable to these women. I have my own stories to tell and I convey my interest and passion whether or not it is a subject of their interest. I’m enjoying myself and the fun is contagious. She’s having fun with me and it’s win-win whether or not she likes me in the end.” S. K., Worcester, MA USA.


The first time you meet, approach, attract, and connect with a woman will set the standard for every interaction you have with her after that.

And it’s not all about your appearance. You also better be able to talk to her in a way that will draw her in, make her feel not just attracted but also comfortable with you.

A quality woman will not sleep with a guy who simply “games” her with routines that make you appear alpha. Without comfort, trust, and a genuine sense that you and she are actually connecting in a special way, she’s not going to fully give herself to you.

In Conversation and Connection Skills, you’ll learn how to easily approach, flirt, converse, and connect with a woman without any lines or gimmicks.

Because you don’t have time to watch a 20 hour DVD set, I’ve spent time honing down this material to the essentials so that you can have a thorough understanding of how to converse and connect with a woman in an attractive way; you can review and learn all of this material in 2 hours.

In other words, you can start on Friday night at 7PM and be ready to go out and attract women by 9PM.

Here’s some of what you will learn in Conversation & Connection Skills:

Techniques to have instant confidence and confident body language.
The only opener you’ll ever need.
How to flirt even if you’re not a comedian.
Why negs only work on women with low self-esteem…and what to do instead to attract a quality woman with confidence.
The truth about cocky and funny.
Most dating coaches will just tell you to “connect to a woman emotionally;” I’ve included specific, easy-to-follow NLP techniques that show you exactly how to actually do that.
How to quickly get past boring ‘small talk’ into engaging conversation.
Story-telling skills.
The truth about compliments (and why most PUAs can’t even pull them off–but how you can).
Specific visual demonstrations of which body language signals could indicate that she’s attracted to you.
What to notice when she wants to be approached, touched (kino), and kissed.
The #1 mistake that guys make when trying to connect with a woman–and how to avoid it.
How to effectively get her contact info and set up a date.
Phone, text, and email skills.
How to make the first date fun instead of awkward.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


“Awesome stuff! I spent 3 days and $2000 in a workshop to learn the very same things. Your book is like a roadmap to that workshop, but the book goes much deeper.” –T. N., Boston, MA USA

“This product took me from the living room to the bedroom in a matter of days!” –(name withheld)

“I felt after reading this product that I had a whole new perspective about my own mindset and that of a woman’s. A lot of things started to make sense about the past. I wish I’d have read it years ago.” –C. S.