In addition to being an expert on dating and attraction, I’m also an NLP Master Practitioner, which means I don’t just tell you that you need to be more confident to get women, I actually work with you so that you ARE more confident, cool, outgoing, alpha, attractive, and…whatever else you want to be!

So, what the heck is NLP? To be honest, I’ve heard lots of different definitions, but my favorite is “the study of getting results.”

See, all of your results in life come from your actions. Your actions come from your feelings, which come from your thoughts, which come from your neurological programming. It works like this:

Programming –> Thoughts –> Feelings –> Actions –> Results.

In other words, if you have results in life that you aren’t happy with (like, say, not being able to attract women), then in order to create a different result, we have to create different programming…

Don’t let that freak you out though! This isn’t some kind of weird mind control. It’s actually physically impossible for someone else to control your mind. When you and I start coaching together, I will be giving you the tools that you need so that you can gain control over your own mind.

Cool, right?

Your “programming” happens in the unconscious mind. It tells your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your eyes to blink regularly. Your unconscious mind jerks your hand away from a hot stove before your conscious mind has time to think about the fact that the stove is hot.

Your unconscious mind is also where you store your beliefs, both limiting and empowering. Often times, we aren’t even aware that these are things that we chose, at one point or another, to believe, and we experience them as absolute truth.

That’s why it’s not enough to have someone say, for example, “You know looks don’t matter when it comes to attracting women.” Even if your conscious mind believes in the intellectual truth of that statement, if you have an unconscious belief that looks do matter, you will still behave, act, and react as if they matter.

Think about it: how do you weed a garden? By clipping the weed’s leaves, or by pulling it out at the root?

When you and I have our coaching session, we will get to the root of everything that is holding you back from attracting beautiful, quality women, and living the life that you want.

By getting the chance to work with me directly, you’ll have the advantage of two things:

1.      My NLP expertise.

2.      My feminine presence and intuition.

If you aren’t familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), it is a very effective, result-oriented form of therapy. We go deep into uncovering and shifting limiting decisions, releasing negative emotions, and creating lasting, positive change.

However, there are many talented NLP practitioners roaming this earth-so it’s really the second part of the equation that makes personal coaching with me, your inside woman, a unique and powerful experience.

See, it’s a rare woman who has taken the time to really go deep into her unconscious mind to understand her own feminine inner-workings. I continue to learn new things about myself as a woman every day.

Those women who do embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery usually end up coaching other WOMEN! And while they are providing a valuable service by doing so, I would rather use my feminine power to help YOU.

As a woman, I will be completely honest with you about what you are doing that works…and doesn’t work. I’ll tell you when I feel freaked out, at ease, and turned on so that you’ll get an accurate measure of your progress. And like I said before, I don’t sugarcoat anything or say what I’m “supposed to.” I tell it like it is.

Here are just a few of the things we can work on in a one-on-one coaching session…

  • Approach anxiety, both getting over the fear and improving approach techniques.
  • Releasing the hurt from past relationships and girls who broke your heart.
  • Learning how to be a confident, strong man without coming across as a jerk.

Thanks to Skype, my coaching practice is worldwide, so that whether you live in LA or Bombay, you can work with me personally on your specific issues and sticking points.

1 Hour Coaching Session

Plus What A Woman Thinks Ebook

$250.00 ($265.95 Value)

You may also email me for additional rates and to set up a session!

“I got coaching from Liz, We worked on a lot of my insecurities in general social situations. I’m an 18 year old college frat guy, and up until coaching with Liz, I had never kissed a girl. I had created many limiting beliefs that she helped me get through. (Getting rejected in public, A girl telling all her friends who will tell all Their friends and then EVERYONE will know about me the loser, believing that girls really don’t want to be approached in the day), and while working through these issues was awesome. The two biggest changes I’ve had since my coaching with Liz is that I really understand what an “attractive” man truly is, and I’ve developed trust with my own instincts, not just with women, but in all areas of life.

The exact results of those changes are…In the short term, Liz’s coaching got me to start building the life I wanted, and I did make out with a few girls that first weekend after her coaching! In the Long term, Liz’s coaching started me on a path to where I am today, which is believing that “I am the man every woman is dreaming about meeting, when a woman hangs out with me she is guaranteed to have fun, and if I am rejected, it is because she is not ready for an awesome guy yet.” Life is much better feeling this way.

If you ever wished you had a big sister with advice that actually helped you get an awesome girlfriend, you’ll have that after the coaching sessions with Liz.”

–E. P., Chicago, Illinois USA

“Liz’s insight as a woman in the dating world, combined with her patience and training as a coach are invaluable for any guy seeking a more authentic connection with the opposite sex.”

–M. G., San Francisco, California USA

“Liz offers straight forward, direct and honest feedback. She isn’t scared to say how it is, which if you’re ready for it, will challenge your reality in an amazing way. She changed my whole perspective and I can’t recommend her enough.”

–D. D., Los Angeles, California USA

“Liz is much more than a dating coach.  She is a life coach to help you attain the life YOU want.  In the first month, Liz helped me to clearly see that I can manifest absolutely anything I want into my life.  I am now working on achieving goals in multiple areas of my life.  With regards to dating, Liz is able to elicit your dating goals with clarity and translate them into clear action steps.  Liz is intuitive and has a well-developed sense of what your limiting beliefs are and how to blow them away.  Getting Inside a Woman is a 100% personalized program.

Actors, athletes, and business people ALL have coaches to enable their peak performance.  If you have been struggling in a certain area of your life, OR if you want to lead an extraordinary life, hire Liz as a coach immediately.”

–H. D., Chicago, Illinois USA

“Liz is the most ethical dating coach I know.  She really takes the time to become familiar with my challanges and customizes our time together accordingly.  She is very precise with her words and very good at explaining ideas.  Her directness and honesty is rare and refreshing.  She shares insights about her own life and comes across as very authentic.”

–S. K., Worcester, Massachusetts USA

“I study David D’Angelo’s materials, which I highly recommend. Those materials are like a really good textbook for learning success with women. But just like you need a teacher to learn any skill such as business or engineering, you need a teacher to help you convert your education into real world results.

Liz does that for me by helping me reconnect with the man I already am. Sound a little weird? It won’t after you read on.

Ever notice that when you ask a natural why he’s so successful with women, he usually says something like, ‘I don’t know. Just be yourself.’ I found that kind of advice annoying until I realized what it means.

Most men do NOT know how to be themselves.

I’m a high powered engineer who had trouble attracting women for several years. (In retrospect I realize that I attracted beautiful women UNTIL I went to engineering school. Interesting.) I have known enough people who do unsexy jobs, such as janitorial and food service, yet are magnetic to be around, that I have come to believe that all human beings are inherently magnetic creatures. If you’re not magnetic, it is because there are walls between your inner you, and your outer you. Liz has helped me remove those walls and access the magnetic me that attracts people of all kinds, including beautiful, smart, interesting women.”

–J.S., Cleveland, Ohio, USA