What A Woman Thinks Ebook

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Did you know that a woman sorts every man she meets into three categories?

1.      The creepy guys she wants to get away from.

2.      Her guy friends that she doesn’t think of “that way.”

3.      The guys she CRAVES to have as her lover.

So let me ask…

Which kind of guy are you?

I’ll give you a hint…if you aren’t fully enjoying your dating life and dating the woman (or women) that you want, you’re probably NOT the lover…

But you could be.

And you don’t need killer abs or a large bank account…

You just need to understand women.

I probably don’t have to tell you that women are complicated creatures, but I will tell you that it’s extremely unattractive to us if you don’t GET IT.

Getting into that sweet spot (pun intended) is tricky if you don’t know anything about who women are or what they want from you.

That’s why I wrote my eBook: Getting Inside a Woman: Everything a Woman Thinks, Feels, and Experiences from “Hello” to “How Was it For You?”

In the eBook, I take you through a night out on a date with me and tell you EXACTLY how to land in the third category: the LOVE ZONE.

If you’ve ever seen a woman do something that made NO SENSE whatsoever…

If you’ve ever had a woman reject you and you had no idea why…

If you’ve ever wondered why “that other guy” gets all the girls and you don’t…

Then this eBook is definitely for you.

Again, to attract women, you need to understand what women are thinking, feeling, and experiencing when they are with you…

Because it’s VERY DIFFERENT than what’s going on in your head…

Trust me.

If you don’t know what’s going on with her, then you’re practically walking into a mine field of possible missteps!

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to have the key to the secret thoughts and feeling of women…

Not only because I want you to have crazy success with women…

But because I want my fellow females to have incredible lovers — yes, I mean YOU!!!

When you buy the eBook, you’ll get the PDF version plus TWO SPECIAL BONUS MATERIALS.

Women are always looking for the ‘right man.’ When a woman is attracted to you, there’s no such thing as the wrong place, the wrong time, or ‘too busy.’

If you want to learn how to become the kind of man that women DESIRE…

(Please be sure to click back over to the site after paying so we know where to send your ebook.)
Liz’s eBook was a game-changer for me.

I grew up with MASSIVE hang-ups about dating, relationships, and sex. No seemingly logical reason – I’ve always had great friends & family, been successful as a student, athlete & musician, and have been described by female friends at least as “cute” (in a proactive tone of voice, not a pitying one) and even “ripped like an action figure.”

However, I was completely and 100% DORMANT in the area of intimate relationships. I was so afraid of embarrassing myself and getting humiliated and hurt not knowing what to do, I LITERALLY avoided this area of my life and sat on the sidelines until I was nearly halfway through college.

The longer I waited, the more afraid I was to ask a girl out. And I hate drinking, so wasted hook-ups in college didn’t made it onto my to-do list, with like 2 or 3 exceptions.

It didn’t help that on the few occasions when I sought out female advice, I ended up hearing female friends bitching and complaining to their other girlfriends about men. They weren’t too nice, forgiving, or willing to offer constructive criticism about what they proactively wanted. They just sounded like they expected the guy to know exactly what to do and made fun of EVERYTHING, including details like his performance and even his size that made me cringe in anger, resentment and fear. The negative, degrading, mocking nature of the gossip I heard just reinforced my phobia of, and increasing hatred for, the opposite sex.

I knew I had to get this handled eventually, so over the past 3 years, I’ve been studying everything I can afford about dating, inner game, and unapologetically owning my masculine energy.

Liz’s eBook is one MAJOR factor that really made the light bulb go on for me.

I never had a sister or close female friend “give it to me straight” when it came to what women think and feel while dating. (The supportive “be yourself” crap wasn’t helping.)

Liz, on the other hand, offered me a female perspective, in comprehensive detail from beginning to end, that was direct, honest,
AND also incredibly SENSITIVE, TACTFUL and EMPATHETIC towards men who have never learned this stuff before. I respect that so much about her, and her compassion alone has washed away much of the anger I had been building up about women.

Among many other things, I learned how to recognize when a woman is sending me “kiss me!” signals with her energy and body language. I also learned that most women I have had crushes on were also crushing on me, since attraction is usually a connection of two people’s combined energy, and it rarely goes just one way (unless you’re just admiring from a distance or stalking on Facebook, in which case you’ve never really interacted with her).

While I can’t say I went out right away and cold-approached 100 women after discovering Liz’s material, I CAN say that I took advantage of an opportunity JUST LIKE 3 big mutual crushes I let slip through my fingers in the past few years. Over this past summer, I happened to be really clicking with a female coworker of mine. When she recently became single, I FINALLY stepped up and made the move like a f***ing man (including acting on the “kiss me” signals), which I later discovered she had been looking forward to for some time.

After a couple of weeks, this is still going, and it sure feels like it may be headed for a long-term relationship, which is incredibly exciting, not to mention MASSIVE progress.

Now, I’m very attracted to this woman, and I’m enjoying the process of connecting with her further and getting to know her better, but I’m NOT overly concerned about the outcome the way I used to be, which is ironically helping the situation, as I have learned from Liz.

So thank you so much, Liz, for helping us men transform our relationships with women, and for being so constructive and positive with the lessons you have to teach us. You are a beautiful and radiant soul, inside and out.

–E. Q., New York City, New York, USA